Press Release: 12/12/2018

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”

Albert Einstein

Paul Vigna, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, published an article yesterday (12/11/2018) that highlighted the recent layoffs that were spurred as a result of Bitcoin’s decrease in price and market volume this year. CEOs of cryptocurrency companies have had to lay off employees, reassess their business models, and adjust their approach to the market.

We fully recognize the current struggles of the blockchain industry and have experienced our fair share of the challenges that have resulted from the recent decline. In response to the changes, we are formally taking a pivot from our original focus on blockchain-centric consulting services and have broadened our scope to encompass the trends of emerging technology as a whole with the skillsets we already have on hand.

Throughout our time in business, we have experienced several major transitions and our company is not unfamiliar with the tides of change. We are excited to enter a wider market with the highly unique skillsets and competencies that our team has grown fluent in. Our website has undergone several major changes, and as of yesterday (12/11/2018), those changes have gone live!

Please check out the latest changes and let us know your thoughts. Also, if you are a business owner or entrepreneur and have had to undergo fundamental changes as a result of the declining cryptocurrency markets, we would love to connect with you.