Multidimensional open source intelligence

“You don’t need to know everything. You just need to know everyone who knows something.”

Screenshot of live target map from DataDB

Since the initial project launch 2 months ago, our Open Source Intelligence Database has grown to include 867 data sources and 3960 data feeds. Additionally, we added several new metrics to our core target data points. These new metrics encompass everything from graphics, social media, and contact information, to industry classifications, business relationships, and live data feeds.

Our approach to collecting open-source intelligence for this project begins at the point of monetary origin (central banks) and progresses downward through the standard distribution channels of national governments around the world. We passed our first milestone when we completed entering all central banks and monetary authorities into our database on January 30th. Our team was excited to formally cross the second major milestone in this project last evening. Our database now contains every national government in the world.

Highest density endpoint tags (DataDB)

While many comprehensive information resources exist (Wikipedia, Crunchbase, CityData, etc.), few of them provide access to multidimensional analysis features. Such features enable the user to analyze the data without being confined to a strictly linear or rigid category-based approach. As a result, our multidimensional and open-source approach to economic, political, and business data maximizes the number of actionable insights that can be derived from such complex data.

DataDB is entirely free and open-source. We welcome you to utilize this ongoing project of ours to further your research and business activities. If you are researching a specific industry or topic that we have not covered in our database, or if you have internal datasets that you need to be analyzed, please reach out to us and our team will be happy to assist you.

Explore DataDB here:


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