chart watch

Chart Watch: High quality, full screen crypto and finance charts with no login needed

Most people who own cryptocurrency have placed a trade on a cryptocurrency exchange at some point in time – especially those who made a purchase prior to the rise of platforms like Coinbase. Since the early days of cryptocurrency, many on-ramping services have been established and many people who now own Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies have never had the need to open an account on a cryptocurrency exchange. Despite the convenience of the many on-ramping services available, the need to keep an eye on the current prices of cryptocurrency with a high quality chart still exists and often remains unmet.

Several price tracking apps and sites are available for individuals who wish to follow the price action of cryptocurrency and other financial assets. These platforms, however, often require an account or, at the very least, require users to navigate a highly sophisticated interface to find the appropriate chart for what they wish to view.

We recognized these complications and decided to built a tool to help simplify the situation.

Chart Watch is a tool that provides high quality, high visibility cryptocurrency charts without the need to create an account or provide any information.

Chart Watch was built using the charting engine provided by TradingView and automatically defaults to full screen mode upon entry. It gets straight down to business. It removes the hassle from getting the financial price information you want. Better yet, it’s completely free (and always will be).

A total of 26 different cryptocurrency exchanges are currently supported and can be easily toggled between using the embedded interface. In addition to cryptocurrency, the major exchanges for traditional stocks, futures, and forex are also available.

Have suggestions on how we can make this tool better? Let us know in the comments below!


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