DATAdb: a collection of publicly-accessible data sources


Our research activities involve numerous different sources depending on what objective is being pursued. Invariably, one consistent facet of every research project and intelligence report is the processing and analysis of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).
A powerful OSINT framework is not built upon an attempt to know all things. Instead, it attempts to know all who know things. This is why we created DataDB.

DATAdb is a collection of publicly-accessible data sources which are, in form, conducive to programmatic access and automated collection. Examples of data types meeting this description are RSS feeds and public JSON feeds. Data sources need not be official sources to be included in this collection and, as such, some of the included data sources listed are likely considered undocumented or unofficial.

Explore DATAdb here:


This information is actively assembled and maintained by the research team at ResoNova International Consulting, LLC for informational purposes only. Check back regularly for continuous updates.

You can find additional research and resources at

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